Clone DVD and Double Layer

Does anyone know if CloneDVD ever plans to release a version that supports Double Layer technology…it would be great if they did. :slight_smile:

elby CloneDVD2 already supports DVD+R DL for a long time.

And with DVD-R DL - as stated by Elby support

DVD-R DL should work, too. However, we haven’t tested burning with -R DL
thoroughly and the blanks vary in quality. Therefore we cannot grant you
100% that every DL writer will write to -R DL properly.

Kind regards

Nico Roehr
Elaborate Bytes Support

I would translate this into “we have no clue if it works or not”. Murphy’s law: A feature you haven’t tested, will fail.

I don’t believe that DVD-R DL will work:

CloneDVD size settings in the title configuration says DVD+R DL (!) as well. Not “DVD9” or “Dual Layer”.

OK, I ain’t going to argue with the original author!! To be honest, I haven’t used CloneDVD2 using DL media at all, + or -.

Question I would like to ask though - does it actually matter what the media type is? Or is CloneDVD2 only looking for free space on the disc and hands off the actual writting process over to the firmware in the burner?

Maybe I didn’t phrase the question correctly, while I know I could use a D9 disc, will CloneDVD2 burn the image with a dual layer so as to avoid compression of a lengthy movie or will it only see it as a “normal” length DVD and compress it anyway? I know that 1ClickDVD offer a feature that will write a dual layer disc with no compression if the user checks the option box upon setup. Was hoping this type of feature might become available thru CloneDVD2 as well. I hate the thought of buying assorted software for this feature.


It will only compress if there is insufficient drive space.
If the compression bar at the bottom dispalys 100%, then no compression is applied.

This feature is already there. Either choose “Write existing data” if you don’t want any modification to the original. Or select “DVD+R DL” as the output size in the title selection screen of the other options.

Thanx, I’ll try this