Clone DVD 4 - how to remove frm registry




I used Trial version of clone dvd 4 and now if i try to re-install it i no longer get the trial option and directly say buy it now…

i wana use trial again - how to do tht?
If i need 2 delete sum registry, plz gimme location


Sorry, can’t help you:


I am speaking abt clone dvd 4 -

is slysoft clone dvd better?


By far. I would get rid of that thing as soon as possible. Do a search on this forum for and you’ll quickly discover what I’m saying.


Yes, know i know two companies make the clone dvd but if i compare the features the so called duplicate manufacturer is better !


Your choice, of course, but, this forum was made for Slysoft’s CloneDVD product so if you want help with the product you’ll have to search elsewhere. And it’s likely you will need help with it cause it’s not what I’d consider a “quality” product.


This forum is only for support of CloneDVD2 made by ELBY/SLYSOFT. No other. The software is completely different. Only the name is similar. CloneDVD2 is a TM name and other companys try to get you to buy their software by using this name. It is not the same at all, try and get a refund and buy the real thing.:iagree:


Even had you bought the correct CloneDVD2, you would get no help here with this question. This thread is closed.