Clone DVD 2 stops disk from loading

Hi everyone,

I am having problems with CloneDVD 2. This has been an ongoing problem for a long time now.

When I insert a DVD into my Sony DVD drive (DRU-500A) my AnyDVD gives me that screen about the disk possibly being dirty or errors, I am pretty sure we have all seen this before.

Well after running back and forth between 2 computers one to Dvd Decrypter the disk and then transfering the movie to the 2nd computer to copy the DVD with CloneDVD 2.

I started to try to figure out why the DVD would not load.

I found that when CloneDVD 2 is not installed on the computer the DVD’s load fine and AnyDVD reads them with no problem.

I can use other copy software once the CloneDVD 2 is deleted, like DVD2one.

Sometimes I can close AnyDVD then start the DVD with Power DVD get to the movie then pause, then start AnyDVD and it will read the disk, then I can start CloneDVD 2.

I am using CloneDVD 2 v2.8.2.1, AnyDVD v5.1.1.1.

On the computer I have been using to copy to hard drive I have DVD Decrypter to creat a ISO image. The ISO image loads fine with both CloneDVD 2 and AnyDVD installed. I guess because the CSS has been removed.

I hope someone can figure out why this is happening or someone else has had this and know what they did to fix it.

I like to use only CloneDVD 2 because of the quality and available functions. I have supported all Elby software, well Slysoft now… :slight_smile: There software is A++ to me.

This is the only real problem I have had with there software over the years.

Thank You,