Clone DVD 2 fails at 98% consistently?



Every once in a while I get an error that says possible bad medium and it fails at 98%? Why does it take till then for it to figure that out?.. why not earlier at the error? I suspect when its 98% every time… there may be a bug in clone DVD 2? I"m running the latest version. version


All right. And what media is it ?


Its the Comp USA stuff… rates at 1X, but will usually burn at 2X
I don’t know who really makes it… but the point is, why fail at 98%… that annoying and time consuming?.. why wait till the very end to fail?
I seriously doubt the media is bad at the 98% mark!, because every movie I copy is a different size. I Clone DVD is compressing to get it on the disk then I could see the software messing up… but not the disks themselves?

When anyone else has a failure with clone DVD 2 … is it ever at anything besides 98% throught the burn?


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thats funny… I looked for a dvd recording area and couldn’t find one?