Clone DVD 2...Error

Hi folks…

Just got a problem so i was wondering if any of you guy’s can help?

Ive burnt loads of avi and mpeg films to dvd using VSO DIVXtoDVD and DVD SANTA and ive had no problem what so ever…I think their one of the best programs to use…Anyway I want to back up a copy of the green mile but this film is about 3 and a bit hours long.I used ANYDVD and CLONEDVD2 and I even looked at the Guides you have on the forum…So following the guide i done every thing step by step and every thing was going ok after the ripping or wat ever it was doing it said replace media with blank media or somthing like that so done that and it began to write and after about 20% its siad “Error bad media” so i took the disk out and replaced it with a new one…(the disks are called RIVISION and i use em all the time) and tryed again but the same thing happend again.Can some one give me any help on this matter…Thanks alot Danny G

P.S sorry if this post is in the wong place :confused:

@ Danny G,

To ensure that you are using the latest versions of the AnyDVD-CloneDVD software programs visit SlySoft ( and download the latest version of AnyDVD-CloneDVD. To prevent any confusion suggest stating the versions of AnyDVD-CloneDVD when posting at the Forum.

Stating that you are using RIVISION blank DVD media does not describe the actual blank DVD Media you are using. To fully describe the blank DVD Media you are using you need to provide the Manufacture ID and Media Code (Example: RitekG05) of your blank DVD Media.

Also please provide the Manufacture Name, Model Number, and Firmware version of your DVD Burner.

To obtain the above requested information of your DVD Burner and DVD Media suggest using a software utility similar to DVD Info (

Also please provide the exact error notification you receive when you experience your problem.

It appears that possibly you are experiencing incompatibility between your DVD Burner and DVD Media. Providing the above requested information will help to determine if your problem is in fact a DVD Burner/DVD Media incompatibility issue.

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Thanks BJKG…

Ive done it now i used dvd shrink that worked fine and it was easy…But i’ll remember that what you just said in the futuer :iagree:

THANKS :smiley:

What have you done? You didn’t post the media as requested and used Shrink instead of CloneDVD. If Shrink worked that’s all well in good, but I suggest you attempt to get to the root of your problem. I had no problem backing up The Green Mile, as lengthy as it is, by using the current versions at the time of Clone and AnyDVD. It was Region 1, is this the Region you were attempting to burn?

I’m not saying Shrink is a bad program, and I’m glad you got your back up,
however, in my opinion the CloneDVD and AnyDVD combination are second to none and work superbly.

I have never heard of Rivision media, but I’m willing to bet it is low quality media you are using. You must supply media code as bjkj requested for a proper evaluation to be made. If you want to take the guesswork out of what may be causing DVD burning problems, you can eliminate one phase, use quality media only. The cheap disk you burned today and played nicely on your stand alone player, may not play at all 6 months from now as many can attest to. The choice is yours, as they say, " you can pay me now, or pay me later".