Clone dvd 2 and creating harddrive files?

Quick question i would appreciate someone answering.

I was under the impression with this program and in conjuntion with any dvd i could directly copy the main movie of a dvd directly to another dvd within a half hour without anything files being put on my hardrive . i have a p4 with over a gig of ddr2 memory and the works. Is there always going to be a file created on the harddrive before the burn or is there a way to cut the time and just have it select the part of the dvd i want and burn it asap WITHOUT creating a file? Any help would be greatly appreciated.


CloneDVD2 can make a backup in two ways:

  1. Copying the files to the HDD which later you can burn to a medium (“Writing Existing Data”).

  2. Making a “direct” (as you have called it) backup. In this case temporary files also will be made - evidently - on your HDD.