Clone dvd

Need Help!!!
I get no errors during the burning process yet, the dvd will only play on pc’s.
When i try to play on settop player it says cannot read disc.
I am using TDK and HP media DVD+r 4.7gb.
With LITEON HL-DT -ST GWA4164B burner please help.
Have already reloaded pc it worked for first 4 dvd’s then started up again.

Probably poor quality media.

Two things to check 1st -

  1. Can your settop player play DVD+R’s?
  2. Are you booktyping your DVDs to -ROM?

Otherwise try better media - Verbatim or Taiyo Yuden are recommended.

It wouldn’t hurt to upgrade CloneDVD to the latest version as well.

Thats the puzzling thing i have been using this media for weeks it’s a hundred pack spindle. also alll three players play burns. Have been doing this for years yet all of a sudden having issues. Any help is appreciated.

Will the discs play on any of your standalone players? Or they won’t work on any of them now?

I would still upgrade to the latest version of CloneDVD (v2.8.9.8).

And… try burning slower than the rated speed…