Clone DVD 2: 2nd Quality Bar?

Can someone please tell me if the 2nd quality bar is for audio compression only or if it is intended to be an overall quality indicator?


well, AFAIK the audio won’t be touched (so, it won’t be compressed) - compressing is only for the video-material.
the 2nd quality bar is just to show you the expected (final) video-quality depending on how much space is needed to copy the audio 1:1 - with other words: it shows you how strongly your video has to be compressed to fit on the target-disc including the 1:1 copied audio.

Audio is untouched as far as compression.

The second bar is just the compression % after you remove audio streams. By removing audio you aren’t using, you improve the video (use less compression).

Pakratus & Razor1982
Ya, stupid me, in my early first few days of using CloneDVD, I often spent alot of time on the first page’s quality bar trying to get to 100% non-compression by juggling video TS’s around my in my splits.

Not realizing that if I got close to 100% on the first page, I could just advance to the second page and remove the French, Spanish or Klingon language tracks (and even in some cases little unneeded subtitle tracks) that the second quality bar could pop up quite a bit to actually reach 100%!

A big DUH! resounded through my neiborhood when I figured that one out!


It is the video compression resulting from your audio stream selection. See CloneDVD help (click “Help”) for details. The right mouse button helps a lot, too.