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Well I have installed Clonedvd and it seems that it is having the same trouble that version (not detecting any recordable media to complete the burn process. I have a LG 4081B DVD burner running firmware 101. Now the WIERD THING is that when I try to burn under if you look in the log it states that my burner is a 6082B running firmware 102. (Huh???) If I use version everything is GREAT and the burn process is correct. I thought maby that there would be a problem with the firmware, But if i use its great. So any Ideas??? Wierd one eh??? Does anyone have a LG 4081B Running firmware 101 who is running into this problem.

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Well I can see that I am the only one experiencing this problem. No ideas eh??? Well I have concluded that it is a problem with Clone DVD and I have installed numerous DVD copy software and all of them work fine. Only Clone dvd gives me the problem. I guess for the meantime that I will have to run as I will not go to another program, Clone DVD kicks A$$. I hope that in the next release this problem will go away. Would love to know whats creating it. What does and 8.4 have that does not besides what related in the release notes… :confused:

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> Would love to know whats creating it. <
Me, too!

My guess - as always - broken IDE drivers. Can you try the Microsoft drivers, please?


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Maby I am being a little stupid here :eek: but how does one download and install IDE DRIVERS from Microsoft. I am Running windows XP with service pack 1 and ALL updates. Could you please clarify??? :eek: Maby I am having a brain fart, :rolleyes: I would REALLY like to find out what this problem is as I find it really bizare!!! :bigsmile:



Pls read the discussion here


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Ok I read the forum and I am using Anydvd will try the safe mode check, as for the ide drivers I have a ASUS P3V4X WITH VIA 4-1 drivers…now its been around 8 months since I updated them. hmmmm as far as the microsoft drivers I am still a little unclear on how to update them ro restore them back to original…I am not sure that is the problem. Why could Clone DVD work GREAT and the other 2 versions dont…? Could somebody please explain the procedure as I never had to go through this before



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Just to let everyone know that I installed the IDE via 4n1 drivers for my chipset …and all is good…WIERD but hey it worked I cloned BIG FISH tonight on maxell dvd +R…YAY!!! :bow:

THANKS AGAIN FOR ALL YOUR HELP!!! :stuck_out_tongue: