Clone / Clony Question

Clony crashes when I load it. I only received an clony.exe file when I downloaded, and a separate aspi driver. I run the exe and it crashed, even in safe mode. I wanted to use clony to determine protection for clone cd. How do I install this driver from device manager? (winaspi32.dll)

from clony… ClonyXL wants ASPI drivers.

Without current ASPI drivers ClonyXL won’t run, because ClonyXL can now locate tracks correctly, and these tracks make the search for defect sectors on the disc possible.

When I make a back up of my sony playstation game from clone cd I am using RAW DAO mode. My Yamaha supports RAW DAO 96 but I don’t have those specific settings (96) in clone cd for read/write. I’m reading sub channel data in read and writing RAW DAO. Is there something I’m missing because the CDs’ don’t play the game. That’s why I thought clony might help.

Clony is just a helptool to determine the correct CloneCD settings so it won’t make better back-ups. Here are the settings for LibCrypt (PlayStation) protected games:


[ul][li]SubChannel Data from Data Tracks
[/li][li]SubChannel Data from Audio Tracks[/ul]WRITE:
[/li][ul][li]Don’t Repair SubChannel Data[/ul]Here’s the URL to the ClonyXL FAQ: Maybe it will help you solve your problems with ClonyXL… I’m using WinME and never had any problems with it…