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So now that CloneDVD has been released are we likely to see an update to CloneCD?

Getting fed up not being able to backup my software.



what in particular can’t you backup?


Any securerom new (Empire Earth) or safedisk 2.8 (err Warcraft 3 I think)

Maybe i’ll be off to the green pastures of Alcohol


tried twinpeak?


Originally posted by FutureProof
tried twinpeak?

TwinPeak is not the best way, of backing up Securom new. i have experienset that my backups will not run proberly, on some CD/DVD drives.
I would like to an update of CloneCd that could handle this problem. :smiley:


Originally posted by Frede
TwinPeak is not the best way, of backing up Securom new.

It may not be ideal but IMO it’s the best way presently available. :wink: :slight_smile:


On the subject of CloneCD updates it would be nice to at least be notified by either Olli or someone from the Ebly team on the current situation with CloneCD as it seems too be a frequently asked question at the moment.

I read and have previously posted that there was supposed to be a update at the same time or just after the release of CloneDVD yet still no word to the current stats of CloneCD.

Any information at this time would be greatly appreciated my many of the loyal CloneCD users.


100 % ACK

hallo51 :bigsmile: