Clone Cd

Clone cd 5 wont let me choose any other profile than dvd for ps2 games what can i do :confused: :doh: :a :frowning:

not sure, but this has ps1, that might work

Tried that downloaded all the profiles yet still wont let me choose any with ps2 games (the silver ones haven’t tried the blue ones yet) Thanks though

You could try alcohol 120%, that has a ps2 option…

Nealy all PS2 games have no extra protection (DVD ones that is!) and CloneCD will copy them no problem. Is it a particular game you are having problems with?

I have this same question about buning a CD ISO image. When I burn I can only choose the “DVD” profile. The CD finished just fine and worked, so this is just a question really. Incidentally the program then miscalculates the CD write speed in the writing window as if it were writing a DVD (ie it says 1.5x instead of 24x or so).

I have the newest version

Anyone got info here? Olli?

If it works then there is no problem, I use DVD Decrypter to burn CD ISO files which works just dandy.

Except that CloneCD has other uses besides just burning ISO files. Could this profile mismatch be a problem when copying a protected Game CD for example?


Someone has to have some info here…developers please? Older versions used to choose different/appropriate profiles.