Clone CD



Hi everyone, i am new here (you will probably realise this by the number of posts)

I have a question. recently i downloaded the program CloneCD from slysoft. I successfully made a backup of the transporter 2 DVD movie and i really need to create a backup copy of my football manager 2006 game. I know how to do it as a friend of mine has shown me on his PC. But the thing is, my trial version has run out and i cannot burn to the blank disc anymore. The disc is Safedisc 4.0 and i am wondering if there is any method of bypassing this expiration date or a free program that allows me burn the eimage to a disc. (not alcohol 120% as it always fails with errors, but if a guide vould be provided then i wouldnt mind). Anyway, i hope you have read my troubles and please help! :iagree:


About a “method of bypassing the expiration date”, this cannot be discussed here. Please read the rules. :cop:

About the other question, I don’t know about freeware, but UltraISO is a commercial program that can burn easily CloneCD images and has a free trial version. :slight_smile:



cheers pal. Sorry, i’m not into that illegal sort of stuff but i was wondering if you talked about stuff like that.