Clone cd, won't read disc info



:sad: I have been using clone cd for five years and just in the last few days I can’t burn. I have trouble shot to the point that I have narrowed it down. Info read that it fails to get disc info and is the disc empty. Disc is empty. I have read messages stating that I should :sad: check for conficting drives, I have and looked for imapi whatever, all done but problem still exsits. anyone woth any ideas it would sure stop me from going mental here!


What version was that last version before you updated that clonecd version? And what was the exact error message that it said to you?
Are you using quality media? How old is you Burner? What type of drive and what firmware? We do need more info to find the problem.


okay, there is a god and i am so thankful for this site, i went to microsoft knowledge base (kb) article q320174 and they had a fix patch and it worked. someone else had posted this information ,thank you soooo much :clap:


oh also the exact message syas. Failed to get disc information, Is the disc empty.