Clone CD won't burn image

The latest versions of CloneCd won’t burn the image. If I upgrade past I can’t burn an image. I registered the the latset version and I can only browse for an image. It won’t draw in the CD tray or anything. Slysoft tech support hasn’t been able to help and has stopped communicating with me. Please help. Anyone.

What do you mean when you say you, “Can’t burn an image.” Does that mean that the option is greyed out and it won’t even let you select it or that it creates errors when creating the image?

It was greyed out. I have since reimaged my hard drive which eliminated all three clone cd files in the programs file, reinstalled and it will now burn the image. Haviong problems with new games though. The latest is railroad tycoon 3 which has securROM v So far can’t get a copy to work. Any thoughts?

You won’t get a working backup of your original just using CCD for a SecuROM 4.8+ protected game! You’ll have to create a TwinPeak copy check out a guide here this one will fit your needs When you’re looking for some BWA files check out or

p.s. you can also use aray scanner’s twincreator instead of the blackcheck’s tool it also accepts mds (and mdf) files.

I would recommended getting the latest CloneCD if you want to buy it. But that might fix your problem your having when you go to make a 1:1 CD of your game with your older version of clonecd.