Clone CD vs. Clone DVD - which one?

Ok guys. I’m new to the CD/DVD burning scene. I’ve looked through the forums and tried the search tool, but can’t find anything that answers this question.

I want to purchase software to copy my DVD’s. I have heard very good things about the Elby products. I see in the description that Clone CD copies DVD’s as well.

I have downloaded the trial version of Clone DVD and AnyDVD and have a basic knowledge of their use.

So, what’s the difference and which one should I purchase?

Sorry for the probably dumb question.



don’t buy either. all u need is dvd shrink, dvd decrypter, and if you need, dvdfab [for splitting a dvd to 2 or more dvd discs with menus on ALL discs, and veritas recordnow dx 4.6. done.

The free programs are a little harder to use, but they are also more powerful. Shrink is slower than CloneDVD. In the end, if CloneDVD/AnyDVD works well for you, then buy it. You should get unlimited upgrade with both proggies. Shrink is no longer receiving new update. That could be a problem down the road.

I would say buy both AnyDVD and CloneDVD. They are both very good and yes are much easyer to use than the free 1’s. Also CloneCD will only work on data CDs. Protected games ect.


I agree. Although Dvdshrink is no longer upgraded Dvddecrypter is. I’d save the money untill the when/if time comes. Their are to many excellent free and easy to use programs.

If dvd shrink is no longer going to updated, is there
another program that will shrink a DVD 9 down to a 4.7Gb

Cheers Win

dvd shrink will live on :wink:


Buy the AnyDVD/CloneDVD2 combo-

Well worth the ease and time savings in the long run IMO-


I think Dvdshrink will live on as long as we need it. We’ll see what happens when the new media comes out. hd-dvd, blue-ray.

Clone ‘authors’ and AnyDVD ‘decrypts’. Both are needed for different things.

Thanks for the tips, gang. I really appreciate it!!!

Actually, I took the first responder’s advice and downloaded DVD Shrink and Decrypter. I tried copying my Disc #1 of Looney Tunes Golden Collection #2. I was able to use Decryptor (I assume it worked successfully). However, I was unable to burn a DVD since DVD Shrink apparently doesn’t have any burning capability. Nero 6 was needed and I was running Nero 5.

I then tried using DVDFab, but when I was done, it didn’t work.

If I have more time, I might try playing some more, but I think I’m just going to spend the $60 and buy the AnyDVD/Clone DVD combo, as when I used it for the trial period, it worked every time for me. And, as you can tell from my user ID, I’ve got way2much2do, so spending a lot of time trying to figure out the free software isn’t high on my priority list.

Does Clone DVD work for game discs. I still don’t really understand the difference. Some people responded explaining the difference between AnyDVD and Clone DVD. This, I understand. I was more curious about the difference between Clone CD and Clone DVD since the Clone CD claims to copy DVD’s too.

Thanks again!!

If your main objective is to make backups of your DVD’s you must get CloneDVD with AnyDVD.
Yes it’s true CloneCD can copy DVD’s but what it lacks is the ability to compress, I doubt very much you will find a movie nowadays smaller than 4.3 Gigs, so compression is needed, thus CloneDVD is required unless you are wealthy enough to afford dual layer disks. If you are just looking to store files on DVD then CloneCD will work.

Why don’t you go to and read each programs (CloneCD or CloneDVD) features and you can make your decision based on your needs.

Thanks itzbinnice!!!

That’s what I was looking for. I did read the descriptions, but it was unclear that Clone CD lacks the compression and it all makes sense now.

I’ll go with the Clone DVD for now, and if I need Clone CD for some unknown reason in the future, I’ll buy that too.

I appreciate all the help guys!!


Glad to help.
Before you make your purchase consider this:
CloneDVD+AnyDVD package = $ 59.00
CloneDVD+CloneCD+AnyDVD package= $ 79.00
If you buy CloneDVD at a later time= $ 39.00
Total cost for buying later = $ 98.00, $ 19.00 more then if you bought the package of 3