Clone CD virtual drive

Hello, newbie here. I have drive A, floppy-
drive C, system–drive D, iomega zip–drive E, burner–drive F regular cd,–drive G, SanDisk digital camera reader. When I install CCD the virtual drive changed the other drive letters (accept C,A) and removed my digital camera drive so I can’t upload my pictures. Is there a way to NOT install the CCD virtual drive or disable it? Do I need it to use the program? I uninstalled it and the drives went back to normal. I have win98se and Adaptec cd creatpr 4 but my grandson wanted some protected games backed up. Any help would be greatly appreciated.:confused:

Well I don’t know how to disable it, but if you uninstall it and then reinstall it there is an option to either install or not install the virtual drive during the install process

Thank you Slovak, I did see that option in a further search on this site and have installed leaving out the virtual drive. I will post back if I can copy without that drive.

@Kas: I’m not 100% sure why this happens, but I think this is because of a combination of the following;

(1) the card reader is not a ‘real’ drive, but is a USB device masquerading as a drive and
(2) that the virtual drive is seen as a SCSI device which is automatically put first in the order of CD/DVD drives. Thus causing the other devices [after C] to automatically re-order themselves.

If this is true then the drivers for the card reader are flawed in that they appear to be bound to a specific letter rather than allowing a dynamic drive letter allocation like it should be.

My suggestion is to disconnect the USB card reader, install the CloneCD virtual drive [should you wish to use it] then use Device Manager to re-assign the virtual drive to a higher letter. I tend to use V: [for Virtual] but that is just my choice. The re-attach the card reader and it should come back as G:

The CloneCD Virtual CloneDrive can be easily switched off once installed. Run the CloneCD-tray, right click on it and select the CloneDrive:

Now set the number of devices to 0:

It’s very simple and you could have read this on the CloneCD website.