Clone cd & Virtual Drive!

I instaled the trial version of clonecd & virtual drive.
When I dubleclick on an ISO image or CCD image the file loads OK.
But If I want to use the “Mount / Unmount” feature in the alt mouse button context menu [as described in the help files] I HAVE NONE!

I uninstalled & reinstalled no change.
Is this something that is disabled until I buy the program?

I just installed CloneDVD myself. I want to use the Virtual Drive feature to help me use 1Click because 1Click will see an ElBy virtual dvd drive.

I am also using the eval version (21 days remaining).

Any info on getting the virtual dvd drive to work would be appreciated. I’ve used virtual CDs, via CloneCD, for a few years. It’s a great feature and it’d be great to use the DVD virtual drive also!

do you have the virtual drive in my computer??