Clone CD version released

I just posted the article Clone CD version released.

Olli has released another Beta of CloneCD 3, we have now reached version and this time these are the changes:

Compatibility fixes and improvements:

  • Adjusted I/O Timing for…
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Wow, great! Another update. =)

Yo, Again and Again and again… …well, nice Ollie is busy :slight_smile: Not nice 2 download every day a new version :8 Grtz JP.

Well let us pray that good old Ollie can produce a version of CloneCD that will let certain models of CD Writers produce 100%safedisc2 backups that will work in all drives, and not just limited to the Writer for playing the backup :8 You can do it m8, I have faith in you :d

Friend of mine really bought the prog a year ago and got a email from Elby that his SN is 4 live! Is that true?!

Why cant he name the fucking thing and he names it Thats ridiculous…