Clone CD version

yea, I made backups of Resident Evil 3 and GTA2…(question: if the backups work with Bleem! will they work on the playstation?)…heh, I like to make backups of my games and give the backups to my friends (to borrow!!!), and keep the Original for myself, in case some bastard decides to ‘forget’ where he put it…

nah I am Ok now, shit happens!


I know this is unrealated to clonecd, have a read and see what you think!

You cant reg blindread Final(its on a trial basis that runs out in July, as there is nowhere to enter a key, it looks like the programmer has got wise, and wants you to reg on-line, I guess he will either give you a patch, or send you blindRead regg with yer details!

no updates on cdrsoft for 7 days, what has happened?

interceptor, I think there’s a registry key you can toggle for blindread final to enter a a key…but I’m not exactly sure…