Clone CD v2.8.4.2

I just posted the article Clone CD v2.8.4.2.

Homepage: Elaborate Bytes

Version 5 January 2001

Bug fixes:

Due to a bug in the InstallShield software, the ElbyCDIO.vxd file wasn’t replaced during installation, if an old…

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keep it up, every little helps (hey anyone from the UK will know that as the Safeway supermaket catch phrase!)

Yeah im from the UK but its the Tesco ad not the Safeway :slight_smile:

WaD Up!..can you help me how or where to get da registration code key please…thankz

I did too Well worth it to support such a good cause

do you have a numbet to clone
2841 ore 42

HEY, can’t you guys read, its says PLEASE don’t post Serialz, well at least to CLONE, seeing the author does FREQUENT this site!, sheesh at least show some respect.

Just found a keygen for CloneCD It’s at or for the file,


Now that a keygen has been released Olli will have to make a new system for serials

Don’t get me wrong CloneCD is worth paying for but I haven’t yet because of the one year validation perios of the key. Now that this was dropped by Olli a keygen came out… No need to register now is there?

i wonder if perfect copy can work wif clonecd if do…can sumone tell me…danz…

go to
and get the serial or crack
like everyone else ; )

go to and make a purchase… i did …

I did too.

serial clonecd 2842
Karen Keheley

Ollie I hope you are reading this forum and watching the links, knock those serial numbers out of the Valid column. People support this guy! He has some sweet software working here.