Clone CD v2.0.2.4 key



I just posted the article Clone CD v2.0.2.4 key.

Source: DiViDeZeRo’s CDRPage - submitted by: x-ceed

This should be a working key:




A4ASF425FW… find the…

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It don`t appear to work, it doesn’t with vers 2021 anyway. If you look at the previous Andreas Minge serial No its in HEX form-with the highest letter is F. If you look at this serial No it has letters T, Q & S etc lettters in it. Looks like its just another “Chong Wong” wind up serial No. I don’t suspose anybody has had any luck with this serial No.


I agree with Kilkenny. The code does not works. Anyway this time what you get when an invalid code is applied is really funny…just try it yourself…maybe next time the things change in a low level formatting…!


Nope, it doesn’ work with version


when you buy it you have no problems whit keycodes
believe me i now it because i bougt it


If you are reading this site, you must not be offended by “unauthorized” software since the whole site is based on “unauthorized” actions. So why not post your legit key for the poor and needy like myself?


I’m sorry for anyone’s inconvenience, but the serial that was posted at my site doesn’t work.


Dit is echt een werkende code van CD-Clone

Name: Carol Fetherston
1073FF703B360EB5408B8D470CE789AD1A7AC 3949B6225EB0B4A9093CBE414BEB00F2AE3A8502 3E6E44A04CA5F4B58567C34DF5C3CD0B4A220C4571 1D1001BBF


This one worked!!! Much thanks


Great work HitExp… This one works for v2.0.2.4


I posted that the earlier key from HitExp worked but when resarting my system this afternoon, I was prompted with
Illegal code warning, and told to stand in the corner.
It seems to have seen a file from the previous version. Any Ideal where this file is hidden or it’s name?


en HKEY_USERS onder software


For: arcane
look in reg.files:
HKEY_USERS under software.