Clone cd to back up ps2 games



i’m new to copying, so wondered if some of you guys and gals could point me in the right direction. I intend to make backup copies of my ps2 games (PAL) and use them instead of the originals in my ps2. here is my current software:
clone cd (newest version). DVD decrypter. Swap magic V3.8. i need to know what function of clone cd is the best for copying games and any other advice you can give as i am as NEWBIE as they come. thanx


Knoxv1lle for PS2 games your best of using DVD Decrypter, make a ISO image and burn it on a DVD and play the game :slight_smile:


you might already know know and i might sound stupid but PS2 does not take copied games without a modchip


thank you, and what kind of media is the best for ps2 backup copies?


i have swap magic instead of a modchip, like i said in my first post i’m just starting out and am learning the ropes, so any advice you guys give me will be very helpful