Clone cd sucks!



what kind of scam is clone cd you order a key and it dont work this sucks.




Forums suck, so you suck both


CloneCd rocks !!! :cool:

Just order a new key…:bigsmile:


I sure do agree that CloneCD rocks…
also these days I have been hearing all key not working cases.
Well, this isn’t the place where you can get a new key, If your key is not working, contact their support and get a new one.
How hard is that? :slight_smile:


Originally posted by gettho rich
what kind of scam is clone cd you order a key and it dont work this sucks.

And as for you, please stop posting key not working threads, you already got the other key not working topic closed, becuase admin will ban ya if you do… :slight_smile:



Go out and do something usefull with yourself !!!
Anybody who knows anything at all about burning knows this is the best software available for 1:1 BACKUPS !!:cool:


please let me have a suck




I doubt that you are going to get anywhere with your “cd-key problem”, you are now just blatantly saying that you need a key generator. I think clone CD is a great program and you are openly dissing it by asking for a key generator on the cloneCd forum of all places. Buy the key, support the program, or stfu :a


clone cd [i][u]v3[/i][/u] rocks :slight_smile:


CloneCD rocks. If you don’t like the program, don’t buy it. If the ‘order a key’ option doesn’t work, be patient. Get in contact with one of the people over at Elaborate Bytes ( No need to start complaining here. Thread closed.