Clone CD subchannel

Hi, i want to make a backup of the Diablo 2 play CD, and i found (on this site) that you need to enable “read subchannel data”

When i start copying the CD, the log says: “read subchannel data: no”
But i haven’t been able to turn it on anywhere!
I can’t find the option “read subchannel data”, does anyone know?

i have the latest version of clonecd so that should be no problem, though it’s the unregistered version, maybe that’s it ?

Does your drive support sub channel data reading, if not try it in your cd-rw drive if that fails then you are out of look.

I found it already, i had to right click the cd-options :slight_smile:

It says “reading subchannel data:yes” in the log, the CD still doesn’t work though

any suggestions ?

What is your make / model of burner?