Clone cd & securom

Please help me to make a perfect back up for a pcplay that´s protected with securom

I have a Plextor PX-708A and clone cd

Can somebody send me a link from where I can download BWA builder without subscription or maybe a crack to this program?

with kind regards


Cracks are illegal so please don’t talk about them here :cop:

Sorry but i didn´t know that

Why not read the readme on steps to backup success posted by FP and make a legitimate almost 1:1 copy?

Given you have a Plextor you can make a very nice BWA file and a very portable copy.

Thank´s for the answer but if you read my question again so I´m also looking for the program BWA builder , if I only have that progg it´s easy to follow the guide that is posted here.

Hi curonja,

just download the correct BWA for your game at or at portmac’s site :wink:

Thank´s but the game´s that I want to back up isn´t there , the pcgame are Disney´s “Brother Bear” and “The Lionking , back to the lionkingdom” and the language for both games are in Swedish so my translations for The Lionking are maybe not correct.

Download Blindwrite. Use the BWA creator from there, and you can copy it over, before uninstalling BlindWrite. Or you can use it in trial or just leav eit be.

BWA builder is in the BlindWrite Package.

Well you’re never gonna create a PERFECT copy, but you can make a copy that will work on most of your drives.


Good Luck:)

There is a standalone BWA maker.

Maybe helpfull if you would add a link to it!!

Download standalone BWA Builder here

The problem is you can only use the BWA builder 5.1 as a registered user and it won’t work with clone cd and twinpeak method using the created BWA because it’s another format. You have to use the tweaker from aray-software and BlindWrite 5xxx. So I would suggest xtacydima method is the best and it’s all for free :slight_smile:

On, are all of those downloads full installs?