Clone cd question

Ok I have just noticed something and was wondering if there is a solution. My buddy has an aopen 12 speed that goes threw the failed to read sectors in seconds as to where my 24x lite on takes about 2.5 minutes to get threw them to 10,000. I was wondering if there was a solution for this because we are using the same settings on clone I think. So if anyone knows of a way to speed this up on my lite on 24 x or a setting in clone cd please let me know. I still burn copies quickier than his 12 speed because I make up the time when burning the image from the hd to cd. I just would like to be able to go threw the failed to read sectors as fast as his 12 speed aopen does. The game we were burning was thief 2 cd 2 and the settings I used was fast error skip read retrys 0 and hardware for error correction.It is just bugging me that a 12 speed Aopen would burn to harddrive faster than my 24 speed lite on

Thanks again


How fast a unit skips errors changes from burner to burner.
My Mitsumi CR-4802TE also take one hour to get past the 10000 sectors.

But my 4x reader skips them in no time.

Easy solution: Buy a Plextor 24x, it is capable of burning SD2, and skips the bad sectors in just a couple of mins.

I think that’s about the fastest your Liteon can do it. Read some of the reply’s on this newsposting.

Sponge, the Lite-on shines in the writing department and its ability to eat nearly any media you throw at it. The writing speeds have nothing to do with reading ability - who would’ve thought that people (including me) would by a Toshi DVD just to read discs? (my Hitachi GD-7500 is a much better player). Just as well that the chipset in the 24102B ‘writes’ SD2 :slight_smile: