Clone CD "Protected PC Games" profile disabled in America/Japan?

I have just downloaded the wonderful Slysoft trial software for Clone CD, and in the help file it says that the “Protected PC Games” profile would be disabled if I am from America. My question is:

How is it determined what country I am from? If I buy the software and enter the registration key, will I lose the ability to back up my “Protected PC Games”?

(If so, then there is no reason for me to buy it, since that’s the reason I need it.)

Is there any way for me to buy it and not have this disabled? (If indeed the fuctionality will be reduced once I buy it)


P.S. I searched around here, but I don’t see an answer about this specific question. I’m a newbie to CloneCD, and making backups of protected games, so a clear and easy to understand explanation would be very appreciated.

OK, I found a couple places where people mentioned something about changing your windows “regional settings” by going to the “Control Panel”, then “Regional and Language Options” and then changing my region. Is this all I have to do to make all options/profiles appear in America? I really need to know for sure before I spend money buying it. It sounded like that didn’t work for some people -but it’s all very unclear. It doesn’t seem to disable anything in the trial version, even if you leave your regional setting alone -so I’m filled with uncertainty.

If someone could 100% confirm this one way or the other, (preferably, who lives in America and has done it) that would be wonderful.


So there is no one in all of America or Japan that owns Clone CD, and can answer a simple “yes” or “no” to this question?

I was puzzled with the same question. I (last night) took a chance and purchased the product. “I must have the foreign version” :-), as the protect profile was there.

Thanks for the response!

So am I correct in assuming that you are from America, and that you didn’t have to change your region settings after buying it?

Yes, thats correct. Happy cloning!


(Slysoft really needs to delete that stuff in the help file that says the “protected” profile is disabled for us -since it’s obviously outdated, and scares American customers off.)

Thanks again for the info!

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