Clone Cd Profile



I’m using clonecd 5. Correct me if I’m wrong but I am supposed to use the Libcrypt profile to read PS1 and 2 cd based games. What about PS2 DVD games?


Yes for ps1 and ps2 cd based games use the libcrypt profile for ps2 dvd based just use dvd decryptor (free) mode\iso\read to read and mode\iso\write to write…
You can also use alcohol or nero or clonecd or any other iso dvd software for ps2 dvd based games …
But remember you must have a modchip or other boot method to be able to play the games on your console…


after using clonecd to read ff7 it comes up with 3 files, and image CCD and sub file. Which one do i use to burn, or do i have to do any converting to a different format?


Load the .ccd file for burning. :slight_smile:


Also no converting needed…


thanks alot guys. Also, do i use the libcrypt for burning (or is that only for reading)?


sorry to bug you again but, when copying a ps2 DVD, i stick it in the DVD drive (correct?). And when it is done i burn the DVD file? Sorry to keep buggin you guys but im finally figuring out how to use these programs. Thanks again.


Yes for burning also.

Just use dvd decryptor(free) and select mode\iso\read to read and mode\iso\burn to burn


When I tried to just read a ps2 game, my drive lock the disc in n wont read it n wont eject for the dvd.When I also tried to read it with Dvd decrypter it wont even read,why???


LOL, sorry, i find that funny lol…
i didnt even know that clone cd could burn ps2 games lol
so is the profile already there ??? or do i have to copy & paste it into the “profile” folder ???