Clone Cd problems with new teac 52x


I have problems with using CloneCD with my new Teac CD-RW 52x (btw, sorry for my bad english).

This is my system:

Win ME
PII 300 (Celeron 0 KB cache)
2 HDD’s (2+2 GB)

CD-RW Teac 8x8x32x (TEAC CD-W58E - 1.0A)
CD-RW Teac 52x24x52x (TEAC CD-W552E - 1.05)

Primary master: HDD 1
Primary slave : CD-W58E
Secondary master : CD-W552E
Secondary slave: HDD 2

Description of problem:

I have bought new Teac 52x. Before I was using Teac 8x and I was copy GAME CD’s first from Teac 8x on my HDD and than again on Teac 8x. I was also using CloneCD at my friend and I was copy (ugh, what awesome grammar ;)) CD’s “on the fly” from DVD-ROM to LG CD-RW 16x.

My first problem was that although everything was OK ( a - source CD and destination CD was qualitet and 100% correct; b - on my PC I’ve make image on my HDD and then burn it on Teac 8x and at my friend I’ve make “on the fly” - every time without buffer underrun; c - Writing ended successful (CloneCD say "writing was successful)), some CD’s was not OK. Every few CD’s had a 1 or 2 files corrupted (you can’t copy them from CD). Approximately 10% CD’s ended like this. For example, if I would burn image on HDD and then burn CD from this image, for example 3 copys, all 3 copys was BAD. I would burn later NEW image on HDD and then copy them to CD, this time would be OK. It does not repeat by some pattern. Some CD’s would go OK, some CD’s wouldn’t (but when I repeat copying it was OK than) etc… It does not important was it DATA CD or GAME CD.

My second problem is… I’ve bought new Teac CD-RW 52x. I was happy, I was thinking “good, now i finally don’t need to burn image on HDD and then on CD, I can make it “on the fly”, even if I can use only 16x speed” (because reader is older Teac 8x which can read CD’s with 32x). So, I’ve put source CD in older Teac, destination CD in new, set profil GAME (or DATA, it does not matter), speed on 16x and start. Burn proof is enabled and it activates sometimes just 1 time (at the 3-4%, because Teac 8x in start is slower (~15x)). Everything is OK, CD is burned and CloneCD say that everything is OK. BUT, if I run/copy CD to HDD, in 90% CD’s 1 or 2 files are corrupted!

If I first copy image to HDD (with Teac 8x or Teac 52x) and then burn it to Teac 52x (at 16x/20x), everything is OK! But on the fly is not!! :(( WHY?? My writer is not supported?? Why? I’ve hear that new Teac have different burn proof (something newer), so maybe CloneCD is not compatibile with it?

When I use Nero ( and Alcohol 120%, everything is OK (but I more love CloneCD). CloneCD is and DMA is supported by all devices and it is enabled. Burn proof is working OK with Nero. Source CD’s and empty CD’s are OK (Princo, eProformance (btw, what do you think about this CD’s?), Traxdata…)

I’ve made now one test. I’ve make image with Teac 8x on HDD and than burn it on Teac 52x. During burning I’ve run some programs and PC hangs so buffer underrun activates 10-15 times and everything is OK! All files are readable!

So, why “on the fly” does not working with CloneCD???

Maybe your system is not fast to keep up with the 52 speed.

Look at the specs you provided.
Try not to do a lot of stuff when your burning cds. Try adding some more ram. On most pc’s 64megs is not alot when your using the computer to multitask(i.e Office, Outlook Express and Nero those are just examples).

Im not telling you to upgrade, but try adding some more ram and see if there is anything you can swap for a faster component. I realize not everybody has money to do this(I dont).