Clone cd problem

I’ve got a problem with a copied disk. I’ve made a copy of IL2 so I can fly against friends on my home network (the game requires that the disk is in the drive at all times).
The original disk works on both PC’s, but the copied disk only works on the PC with clone-cd software on it. (on the pc without clone-cd, I get a message ‘please eject and re-insert the cd, and restart the application’) After a bit of fiddling around, I’ve found that clone-cd has a setting which says ‘Hide CD-R media’.
This is not a problem while my trial version of clone-cd is on the PC, but after my trial version of clone-cd has run out, is there anyway of altering this setting in the registry etc. so I don’t have to rely on clone-cd to make this work…

Also, if I have the ‘hide cd-r media’ option enabled, and then uninstall the clone-cd, the copied disk will not play, so whatever settings clone-cd sets up, they go when the software is removed.

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Hey jay_l_a,

as far as I knowIL-2 Sturmovik Forgotten Battles has got SafeDisc 2.8 as copy protection. In my opinion there are different ways to solve your problem.

  1. try to make a ‘1:1’ backup of the game,
    for this it would be nice to know your cd-writer model+firmware:)

  2. if this is not working, you can try to emulate SafeDisc with Daemon Tools (freeware) mounting the image you did with CloneCD

About your ‘Hide CD-R media’ problem, if you uninstall CloneCD you also uninstall this option. I don’t know any free prgram that is able to do this, perhaps others know.

I don’t know how skilled you’re in macking backups of PC games , so if you got question ask them, they will all be answered. I’m sure:) and there are also some nice tutorials for macking backups of games
This one is interresting for you

p.s. what is your CloneCD version?

Sorry for the delay in replying to this. Thanks for the tips, I’ll have a play around.
In answer to your questions, the Clone CD is version, and my CD drive is a CDRW161040X.
How do I go about finding out the firmware revision?

Thanks Again,

ummm, that will be a TDK CDRW161040X.

Sorry about that.

OK, if one of your computers is playing the backups from only a burner, then you can’t change the fact that you have to use an ATIP hider.

I remember I think FutureProof saying how to keep the Hide CDR option after it has expired. BTW, I think your burner is NOT a SafeDisc 2 killer.

Excuse me if I’m being stupid here. If I played the disk from my DVD-read only drive, would I still need an ATIP hider? I have a spare bay, and a spare cd drive also, would using that help?


If your drive is just a reader, if it has no burning capabilities, whether it be DVD ROM or CD ROM, they need no ATIP hiding software.

Well depending on what that CD drive you want to put in is.

Excuse me if I’m being stupid here.

Stupidity is not an issue in this forum…we all have to start out somewhere. The only way to know more is to ask questions!:slight_smile: