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Well, Clone 3.0 is delayed, but not indefinately.

Things didn’t work out…

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Hey Ollie. Don’t worry be happy… CloneCD still rulez


Yesss! New CloneCD version is coming up! Don`t worry CloneCD will work and it is still best cd copying program in the world! Juhani Smells!


You gotta love the way he puts his priority on making the program work rather than just hitting the release date. This way when it finally does come out at least it’s going to work well which is what we’ve come to expect from it.
I’m glad he’s adding support for .cue/.bin files and also for .iso files. this is a long awaited good improvement.


Take the time you need to get the New CloneCD as you want it to… Keep it up ollie!!


Ollie rulez…

No crap releasing before every thing is working. We can’t say this about Adaptec and it’s Easy CD Destroyer…


yeah which other company distributes perfect software?

great stuff


Hey guys!!

Anybody know a good “CloneCD newbie forum”?? I have som probs…


As I said b4, all good things come to those who wait :=)


clone forum…the best