Clone CD multiple backup option

I noticed that there was not a repeat option in CLONECD like in CLONEDVD2! Clone DVD2 will make an additional Backup without decoding it again to the HD! Am I missing a setup option guys?

I have revered back to Nero since it has a number of copies option block!

if you make an image, you’ll be able to burn that image again

If I understand you right you want to make more than 1 copy if so - uncheck the option “Delete temporary video files” on the lower right of the writing menu - after the first burn go to begining and go to “Write existing data” and access the Video_TS folder in the CloneDVD temp folder(as default C:\CloneDVDTemp\Video_TS) If uou are using 2 drives you can remove original DVD - After burning your copies you do another movie it will overwrite any files in that folder -

Thanks! That is exactly what I needed!