Clone Cd Is (NOT) Now Banned!

When and why did this happen???

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Too bad. I hope they continue support here:

Aww, the poor sheep’s saying goodbye :sad:

I wonder what prompted this though…

What is the relationship between Elaborate Bytes CloneCD4 and Slysoft CloneCD?

For example, Nero Premium and Nero Ultra are the same product but the name changes depending on where it is sold.

Oops. It’s an old page, in OP’s link :slight_smile:

This has just got to affect the people in the country where it was banned, this does not mean the world has banned the product. Remember they are not the only distributors of this product.:Z

I don´t know…it´s weird…you can still download it as suggested by chas0039 at the slysoft site, but maybe won´t be able to get a key now…

Maybe someone on the inside will let us know!

/me breathes a sigh of relief

Cheers Dee! :slight_smile:

Are you sure Dee, you mean this has already been resolved. I hope so.:iagree:

Where did you find this. If Dee says its an old link, she knows what she is talking about.:a

Old page?
I´m not sure…there is no date there.

I got a notification to update my CloneDVD2 to 2.9.03…clicked ok…it took me to the download page
At the top of this page is a box labelled “products”…I clicked the CloneCD4 because I had heard it was a good product and had been thinking about getting it.
All language options supported by this page say the product has been banned.
No dates were shown anywhere.

I remember this being news being announced a few years back (see this article).

As Slysoft seem to be selling the product on their website, it’s a pity that the old Elby webpage has not been taken down. Going by, that Elby website page mentioning about CloneCD stopping its sales dates at least as far back to April 2004. :wink:

Good grief. Shades of 321 & decrypter all over again.


Note to self: Alcohol consumption to be reduced slightly after Christmas :rolleyes:

We have our own management and software development team. We purchased software from Elaborate Bytes and continue the development. Our relationship to Elby is purely business-based.

Taken from Slysoft site.

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Hahahaha :bigsmile:

If I saw a page like that about my favourite software, I think I’d worry first too ;)…then I’d check for a date!

I have an idea why this has appeared…

I´m in Germany…apparently this software is illegal here…is it possible the “ad” for their other products in the header is country specific? I think so…

Does it show up if you go to in for example, the USA?

From my end, I can confirm if I click this link, it immediately starts downloading as shown in the screenshots (completed & opening up).

If you get a webpage or cannot get the download to start, then this is likely a restriction in your area.

Ditto, same here :iagree: