Clone cd is going really slow

I have clone cd 3.3. I am in the middle of copying the sims (i am using safe disc 1), i have a 32x reader. its got to block 4013 or something like that and thats took 30 mins. thats slow

apparently it should only take 20min to copy the whole thing on a 32x reader.

whats wrong???

If you would have read some of the sticky threads on this forum you would have known SafeDisc (The Sims) has errors on the first part of the disc. Although you have 32x writer you still need to read the image first. The reading is the problem here since the errors have to be skipped and not all writers/readers are fast when doing this. Some drives are able to read such a disc within minutes while others need as much as a couple of hours! The writing should indeed be quick but from your post I gather that you’re trying to read the disc, right? Just hang in there until the process is finised. Errors will occur till about sector 10.500. After this point the reading should speed up again (also dependant on your reader).

i have 32x READER so i think it should be going faster than that.

Use Fast Error Skip! Set it to at least 3 retries and software correction (hardware for Toshiba drives). Note that if your writer is so slow it’s probably old and may not copy this protection. To check if it can do SDv2 go to and check clonecd supported drives list. If your writer has at least a dot in “Correct EFM encoding of regular bit patterns” it can cloneSDv2.

Originally posted by benb272
i have 32x READER so i think it should be going faster than that.
Depending on your “32x READER” it may not read at all like my ASUS 40x which can’t do SafeDisc. One of my readers will do MOHAA in about 3’; another reader will take 40’ - it all depends on the hardware.

Fast Error Skip - will greatly increase the speed of error skipping. In v3 just click settings & default. For Toshi & Liteon change retries to “0”.

A further adjunct to error skipping is to use Daemon’s-Tools “fast dump” feature…details in the sticky posts :cool:

i’ve actually got a asus 8x dvd and a samsung sw-208 writer thats 8-4-and it reads at 32x.

so i just copy over the one drive because the writer can read at 32x.