Clone CD Idea



Well, since no one has the serial for Clone CD, why dosn’t someone with version upload it to a place like or something so we can download it and use the old serials that don’'t work on the newest version


Yeah, great but why don’t you do it?


Well i kind of liked the idea so if you don´t have it get it here

Although i would have thought most people would already have it…


I register the s/n for Clone and for two days used it. Just went to use it and it says I am not registered. Any ideas of what happened? I am confused.


The reason i can’t do it is because i didn’t get the chance to download that version.

Thanks, you’ve made boys and girls all over the world happy :slight_smile:


Listen people,

I also tried the “Andreas Minge” serial on, and well, nothing happens… not even the format warning after the reboot…

Though the prog is registered…

Don’t hate me if it doesn’t work with your pc. I only say it works for me.

(So don’t blame me of formatting your drive)

And then there was nothing


Administr8or my friend it cant be!!!
the 2 reg info are blacklisted so it cant work!!


it is impossible that the serials for work on! just impossible, because Olli has blacklisted the old ones, so that you get the format message. and, btw, it doesn’t actually format your HD, it just pretends to.

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