Clone cd/hp8250i read errors

i have got clone cd and a hp 8250i(8200a) cd writer plus which i understand is compatible with clone.
when i put a psx game in to “read to image file” i dont get any read errors and so i proceed to “write from image file”.Afterwards clone cd says copy successful.

to test the copy i have just made i then "read to image file"again but this time i get a list of read errors(failed to read sector…etc) in the log report.
Therefore although i thought i had made a perfect 1:1 copy of my game(because clone says copy successful) it is actually no good as it reports read errors.
unfortunately i made several back ups before i realized my copies had these errors on.
I can’t understand why my cd writer appears to read and write from the original ok,but my back up contains these read errors.
the only 2 copies i’ve made which don’t report read errors are from games which contain more than 1 track.
please help its driving me mad

Have you tried using a lower read speed like 1-4x? A high read speed could cuase unintentional read errors if the back-up doesn’t have the same ‘intensity’ as the original…


Also remember that some of the protection on a playstation disc IS to have read errors. If you are using clone and carrying out fast error skip then the errors are noted and rewritten in RAW mode when the CD is created. Hope this helps

I don’t think that’s the problem since the read errors weren’t on the original disc…

thanks for the replies.
i have tried read speed at 1x but still get same problem.i write at 2x because its not registered and won’t write at 1x.
i also tried using cloney to make sure i select all the correct settings.
what really puzzles me is that the 2 games i backed up containing more than one track are perfect copies(no read errors reported).
but approx 10 games i did containing only one track all report read errors.very strange i think.

Yes really strange…

Did you select the SubChannel Data reading when you back-upped the two track games? Maybe something goes wrong here (I doubt it though, but could be).

One last question: have you tried the bck-ups of the back-ups? I mean do back-ups of the games with the error sectors work?

Sorry I can’t help you more but I will keep an eye out for you

yes,i ticked read sub channel data/audio when i backed up the games containing more than one track.
i have tried the games that have read errors and they load up ok and play but as you get further into the games they stop or freeze up because the cd stops spinning.i suppose this happens because the laser can’t read the data or because data is missing.

i have used cdrwin to back-up the same games with no problems at all,but i would prefer to use clone as i don’t understand about patching.

thanks again for your replies