Clone cd giving me an error

I have clonecd and it started to give me an error and then it shutsdown. The error is some sort of Access Violation run32.dll. The problem started after i installed deamon tools latest build and a couple other programs. I tried uninstalling everything in every type of of order that i can think of and re-installing but it’s still the same. Also the error only accurs when i put my mouse arrow on one of the options icons(like copy to a cd). i dont even have click on the icon. Plus its asking me to re-register even if i did already.

need help

Hmm same error as reported here. Haven’t got a clue what could be the problem. Maybe Sheepfriend can shed some light on this…? Do you have hardware that’s similar to this by any chance:

Asus A7V333 MB, 2100XP, 512DDR

I think these are the specs of snout’s system who has the same problems as you.

i have an AMD 1900xp, MSI kt3 ultra motherboard, 256ram,
radeon 9000 pro

anyways let me know if something turns up