Clone CD gives an error before starting to write?


I have a pentium 3 - 500 MHz with 512 MB RAM and a Plextor 24/10/40 CDRW. I previously installed WinOnCD 3.8 with DirectCD and that works fine. Now, i installed CLoneCD 4, version 4.01.10. Clone CD recognizes the CDRW immediately and when i start to copy a CD he makes an image of it. Then, when he should start writing i always get the error message :

Writing to CD failed : illegal request : command sequence error (5:0x2c:0x00)

I already upgraded the firmware of the Plextor but that did not help … Can someone tell me what to do please, since i have a few CDROMs that can only be ‘backupped’ using CLoneCD …

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Really hoping to find some answers here …

Hi there tryit3:

Got to admit that your problem is pretty strange cause the error you are referring to is usually encountered when the writer is clone incompatible.

Have a look here,

Or Here,

Your writer on the other hand is clone compatible but something s not right here.

Ok some questions:

  • What is the Chipset in ypur board if Intel the which one?

  • Have you installed any Intel chipset drivers/application accelerators?

  • What OS are you running?

  • How is your plextor configured in your system, i.e. primary,? Secondary? Slave? Master?

  • What IDE cables are you using to connect the burner to the board 40pin IDE or UDMA 80Pins?

  • What other burning softwares you have installed in your machine?

  • What CD or title are you trying to backup? and what setting are you trying to chose particularly what write mehtod are you choosing?

I would strongly advise you to first uninstall all or any burning softwares inclsuding Clone that you have in your system and reboot.

Now Install Clone and Reboot.

Before you go anyfurther make a quick test to see if the problem still exist.

If the problem still exists, have a look at how you have configured your burner, try to make the burner the master if you can and try to avoid chaining anything of it if you can.

Try your experiment again and see the results.

If you are running Windows XP make sure you definatley disable the IMAPI services start–>Run–>services.msc then look for IMAPI services and turn it off. This way you would not have the interference of the built in Adaptec software.

Last but not least try to update your ASPI drivers if you have not already to the latest one, although Clone is independant of ASPI drivers but the rest of the system would appreciate the update.

Finally if the problem still presist then try to see if you have any luck with any older CCD Version 4.X

Dear tryit3

What O/S are you running. I had the same problem in win2k/XP. If this is your O/S, I can tell you why its possibly happening.

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Originally posted by xtacydima
[B]Dear tryit3

What O/S are you running. I had the same problem in win2k/XP. If this is your O/S, I can tell you why its possibly happening. [/B]
The Plextor drive should work fine under Windows XP. Perhaps the IMAPI burn engine is the problem as PaRaDoX already suggested. I’ve had 5 different Plextor drives attached to my system under Windows XP without any problems.

I am running WIN98 … In Xp i dismounted my Plextor and mounted in the Win98 PC i have here since under XP i did not get anuthing but problems with CD writing …