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Would like some info if im allowed about this clone cd forum and also the other site clone cd forums. Were they both created by the developers of clone cd. Which one was online first. Was one a breakaway from the other. I notice that olli comes on this site but not the other why? just looking for some general information on both these sites. history lesson for myself

thanks for any answers

We were one of the first sites to report about CloneCD, back in the days when the first version appeared on the net. After that we kept updating version releases but didn’t have a special CloneCD Forum. Later on CloneClinic was the forum that was embraced by Olliver Kastl, author of CloneCD and this is where he hang out.

Unfortunately some authoritities decided that CloneClinic posted information that was not conform the UK law and the forum was removed, and we decided to open up a CloneCD forum to accomodate everyone who was intrested in the software. Also because we have always been in good contact with the CloneCD author. Fortunately he recognized our CloneCD as a good follow up on CloneClinic and now he and other employees of his company visits our board.

I don’t know if he visits other boards, but I guess on ours you can find most information you will need. altough of course it never hurts to get a second opinion.

Thanks very much for info me and my father visit both sites there both very helpful.

keep up the good work