Clone CD doesn't recognize DL DVDs?

Hello. I recently got version of Clone CD. It appears to be a great product. I wanted this software to allow me to make a backup copy of a GM Navigation DVD for my Trailblazer. The website says that Clone CD will allow me to do this sooooooo - I get it home and install it. Put my GM DVD into my DL DVD drive (Samsung TS-H552U) and click the Copy CD button. The program copies the DVD just fine but when it asks me to put in my target CD (DVD), it says that I don’t have enough space on the target. Apparently, the program doesn’t know that I have a DL DVD drive and a DL blank DVD. I’m stuck. Anyone else seen this?

I’ve never used CloneCD to copy a DVD, but I guess CloneDVD (which can be found on the same site as CloneCD) can do the trick.

Interesting - unfortunately, the Clone DVD looks for a certain set of video files (Video_TS I think) to exist and if they don’t the program doesn’t work. This is a DVD data disk rather than a movie disk. Slysoft’s site says DVD’s are supported in the Clone CD product, but apparently not.

I currently have a similar problem, and I don’t think that what the case is. The software seems ok with the data to be burned and is ready to burn, but cant see a DL DVD in the drive. Does this sound right poster?

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