Clone CD default read/write settings

New to Clone been using Cdrwin.

Do I need to go with the default read and write settings, as per Clony XL , or should I read and write at a lower speed? say 2or 4?:confused:

download this and read it.

> Do I need to go with the default read and write settings

For beginners, I suggest to use the default profiles. They’ll give you sucvcess in 99.9% :slight_smile:

Thanks Olli.

He’s been very active in the forums around the web lately which is great - the developers are really welcome.

Olli recommends using default settings where possible. There are saved settings in each of the read & burn windows…just click “Load…”! Save your own settings by clicking “Save…”

Slow read & write speeds are almost a thing of the past. Given the advances in home device technology over the last few years & more reliable media, the settings of “max” for read & write can be set & forget (well, “forgot” to be gramatically correct!).

Improved Optical Power Calibration (OPC), more reliable Program Memory Areas (PMA) on the CD-R, enhanced ATIP information & better Media Catalogues in the CD-RW chipsets means that many problems are now related to the OS, driver & other hardware issues.