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Clone CD Data Base Version is released. It seems this new version is using a new data base engine (Borland…

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Power to Clone CD from the masterless . . . new methods of reverse engineering protections =0)

I used the liveupdate feature which in turn gave me a error message when I finished d/l’ing the updates and it tried to install… The program works fine other than that…

Y am new please can somebody
tell me what database is.
Maybe you Hypnosis4U2NV .

The proxy settings are gone …

Y am new?? I do yu rite laaik dat?


Hypno, you’re right. Despite the fact that DB is tellin ya that the liveupdate was a 100%, it only leaves ya with an errormessage “acces violation at …etc” So i guess we’re talkin’'bout a bug 'round here.


KVB: It detects the protection scheme found on a CD and then allows you to pass the settings needed to copy it over to CloneCD… Your then able to get a 1:1 true copy of the CD without any cracks or patches assuming your using a CloneCD recommended CDrom and/or CDwriter…

Tanahpagi: I guess it could be a bug or is it that we need to d/l 5 megs of extra shit we dont need to get it to work?

Thanks,Hypnosis .

Without the proxy settings I can’t update with the probably same error message as rest of users who try the live-update function …

I couldn’t find the CloneDB file. Tried the link but didn’t see it. Does anyone have the file?

Brandy, just like Hypno 's sayin: forget the liveupdate. The LiveUpdate might be a usefull option but it ain’t desperately needed to do its proper copydetectionwork.

Hypno, you’re right again.

There is a rumor that CloneCD Datababe, blacklists CloneCd illegal serials. Anyone have any problems?