Clone CD can copy safe disc v2.60.052

Just tried to copy Stronghold with Clone CD 4.17 and my HP Writer cd16f. And the best is I have updated Stronghold to version 1.2 which has the new Safedisk v2.60.052 and it works perfekt on my Samsung DVD drive and my Writer. This is the first time I succeedet in cloning a safedisk 2 game:).

PS: I used Clony XXL 2005 to detect and pass the options to clone cd, so it could be new settings from clony too. I tried it before with Clone CD 3341 and it doesn’t worked.

What options did you use?

I didn’t used any options just Clony XXL 2005. But I looked up what it used:

Write Speed: Max (16x)
amplify weak sektors on
close last session on

I don’t think you can something wrong, all you can do is pray, the rest your burner and clone cd will do. By the way, Its a oem burner with 16x write 8x rewrite an 40x read. What sort of burner is it, HP doesn’t produce any burners? Philips?

I tried and burned it on a CD-RW and it works too! (If in burner you have to hide it of course)

Just a thing : Stronghold is NOT native SD 2.60.052
Indeed the patch brings a new SD2 version, the CD you copied doesn’t have that particular version on disc

Yes, indeet. But it is the first time a copy with my burner worked.
Just looked it up: Stronghold native cd has v2.40.010. I will try a never version. But better than nothing!


Has it a new tick of Macrovision to suck the efm encoding of the writers?

I think that the new clonecd has something that improves the AWS or my 7083 wouln’t copy a MOHAA with Beta 14,but after all,there’s no physical SD2.6 so far,right?they just strengthen the function of checking the protection on the disc.