Clone CD bug fix

I just posted the article Clone CD bug fix.

Submitted by: BJC

CloneCD is out.
Minor update
"Fixed startup problem with certain configurations introduced in CloneCD…

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CloneCD Generic patch fixed made by Damn still works on dont work with guess Oli forgot to change the protection

Have you got the serial for clone fully work!

Let me know when a working serial for is out. thx

Well this is FUNNY Yesterday i have checked all day long and i always empty my cookies and temp web files but never did i see this come up and today at 2.30 at nite i check back and guess what??? they have news standing here from 27-05-2000 Uhh in my eyes its YOU who is walking behind the news Don’t say that you posted it on 27 but on 28-05-2000 because this is misleading people Face it you are a little later with the news then some other website’s

This has nothing to do with us doing such lame things, this is because it’s our server time.

Is there any working cloneCD serial? Thanks!

Does Anyone know how to use the Generic Patch made by Damn. I have no idea how it works.

easy make a dir say mps in that put the files damn_mps.dll and damn_mps.exe and make a new dir in mps called modules in modules put clcd0000.mps
then run damn_mps.exe and then start clonecd reg clonecd with any name you want and use 010000012222 for the key thats it have fun

Just one more thing, where do you get the clcd0000.mps file.

It’s in the zip file if you dowload it !


Come on guys. Oli is already found a great way to save us all big bucks when it comes to making copies. Support the guy with purchasing a licencse.

Whats happend with my Creative 2x 2x 24x Burner???


Clonecd 2333 and registration on