CLone Cd Back ups worked for awhile

Hello all, Im a newbie here and hope I dont ask to crazy a question. I was using clone cd version 4322 with my samsung cdrw/dvdsm-352b . I made a back up of my original flight sim 2004 and all went well I used the back up for about 2 weeks. Im now being asked to “eject and replace cd” try again etc. Same thing with my back up of Age of Myth. Is this a microsoft thing ? I never got any error messages while burning everything went good. Just curious is all I still hve my originals but it would be nice to use back ups, I also have a pioneer dvd-rw dvr-106d would this be a better drive to use ? Thanks all !:wink:

Make sure that you have hide cdr media enabled from the system tray before trying to play your back-up copies.