Clone cd and versions

Hi, i have several psx ccd files. They were all made by clonecd 3. I was able to get clone cd to work under linux, but only version 2.53. When I went to burn the disc it of course complained about the version. So i went into the .ccd file and turned it to version 2 and it burned fine. When I tested the disc it worked. But, is this a valid way to do it? I have many more to burn but not sure what the results are going to be, it may die out halfway through the game or something.

Now I took the game burned then copied again using the clone cd 2. Then compared the ccd files. The one that was made with ccd 3 has this extra.

INDEX 0=244596
INDEX 1=244746

I guess this info means nothing to ccd 2 so it just gets overlooked. But what does it mean in the final product?

Hopefully someone can explain a little bit. thanks

The info that you have posted there is information about the two tracks on the CD. It contains the type of mode used and where the tracks start on the CD.

The only way really of knowing if the CD is going to need it is to play the burnt game that you have already done to see if it plays correctly.

If it starts off playing fine then I think the whole CD should be OK.

No garranties though.

ok thanks.

If anyone has a .ccd file that they made themselves (version 3 or up) does it have that info i posted at the bottom of the file?