Clone CD and SafeDisc 2 back ups?



Hi, can any 1 help me out here, i bought the pc game Alice and want 2 back it up. Unfortunately i found out that it uses SafeDisc 2 as protection.

Is there any way 2 back it up with Clone or any other burning software?

I have a IDE HP-8210i burner, a SCSI Yamaha cdr4416s and a Pioneer DVD-Rom.

What setting do you use in Clone to make a backup if u have the correct reader.

Pls help me out somebody.

Thanx in advance.


Same settings of OLD safedisk…

Check only Fast Error Skip !!

and set (in settings of Sast Error Skip) READ RETRY : 0

TRY in a RW cd…i don’t know if your burner are SD2 Compatible…


Thanx 4 ur reply chaos72, i appreciate ur quick response, thanx 4 the info i try and give it a go and see what happens.

Thanx again.


I think you won’t get a working copy :frowning: Not the HP or the Yammie can back-up SafeDisc 2… You’l probably be needing a crack from or a program like PlayBackup or InseKtors.



Thanx 4 ur reply G@M3FR3@K, u r right i tried it and it coastered.

I went 2 gamecopyworld in the first place but they seemed to have got it arse upwards.

I am a U.K resident and when i looked 4 the CD-Copy crack on GCW it said that only the first CD is protected. This is untrue the first CD copied o.k. It was in fact the second cd that was protected. but a quick patch and the game worked fine.

thanx 4 ur help guys.