Clone CD and Protection Software



Hi All,

I haven't been here for a while. But I have downloaded the latest CloneCD Version. I have read some Threads about various settings for Disc Protection, but I'm still not quite clear. Is it a good idea to have ClonyXXL? Do I need it? Is there an alternative program? I've heard of CD Mate, is that an alternative? Please help me..



yeah, its a good idea to use Clony XXL, but you need to keep up to date due to all of the latest protections and all. When clone cd was first released I didnt have a clue on what to do, use clone cd for about 3 months, after this amount of time you sould be a pro.

Make sure, Clony XXL is only a guide, visit, they have patches if your witer cant copy the game.

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ClonyXXL is a good program to get an idea which protection is present on your disc. You can use it to create custom Profiles for this particular protection but in most cases the default Game Profile in CloneCD 4 will do the trick. Some protection are harder to copy than others, sometimes depending on your hardware. Please make sure you’ve read the threads in my signature for a must read on CloneCD. I myself also use ClonyXXL sometimes and I prefer this version since it’s the best translated version around.


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