Clone cd and perfect copy!

how do i make copies of games like diablo 2 and gp3 using clone cd,i tried it but the game doesnt run,then i saw that i needed a program called perfect do i combine perfect copy to work with clone cd,can someone help me?im new at this so i would thank that you more experienced people could help me.see ya

Perfect Copy is a so-called copy-protection scanner which you can use to detect the protection on the game and it will then tell you what settings you should use with CloneCD. I would advise you to use ClonyXL rather than Perfect Copy because PC is rather old. You can d/l ClonyXL from

Keep in mind that your burner does need to support the detected settings. For instance if the game requires the SubChannel Data read options enabled, you need a drive that can read these Subs…

Please post here if you’re still having problems or if you need some more help/info.